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Charitable Foundation «Legion» was founded at the end of April 2022 in Kyiv. The fund's activities are aimed at material and technical support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other units operating in hostile environments protecting the civilian population, peaceful cities, and the sovereignty of Ukraine. The fund will not be used for lethal aid!

Despite ongoing international support from our European and American allies on the diplomatic, economic, and military fronts; the soldiers of Ukraine continue to struggle with material and logistics shortages. The Charitable Foundation Legion is in constant contact with the Ukrainian military, that we can quickly respond when need arises. With the help of your donations, the volunteers of the Charitable Foundation “Legion” can become a reliable logistic supplier for our defenders.

By helping us, you will be saving the lives of Ukrainian defenders. Their families are waiting for them to return home!

Constant needs of the armed forces of Ukraine

Another way to help is to buy equipment for the army and send it to the fund. We will send technical equipment, personal protective equipment, and medicines to military units.

The parcel can be sent to our warehouse. Before sending, contact us at: +380960177075 or write a letter to e-mail: [email protected]

E-mail: [email protected]
Postal address: 03142 Kyiv -142, box 28

Attention! Be sure to include the name of the organization and the purpose of the payment!

SWIFT transfers
Purpose of payment: Charitable donation
ID Code: 44899188
Name of the bank: FIRST UKRAINIAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 4, Andriivska Str., Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine
IBAN: UA803348510000000026001177709

  • Commerzbank AG, Kaiserplatz, 60261, Frankfurt am Main, Germany SWIFT: COBADEFF
  • Raiffeisen Bank International AG Am Stadtpark, 9, A-1030,Vienna, Austria SWIFT: RZBAATWW
  • Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg Germany, D-70173, Stuttgart, Am Hauptbahnhof, 2 SWIFT: SOLADEST

  • JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.* 270 Park Avenue, NY 10017, New York, United States SWIFT: CHASUS33
  • The Bank of New York Mellon 240 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10286, United States SWIFT: IRVTUS3N

  • Raiffeisen Bank International AG Am Stadtpark, 9, A-1030, Vienna, Austria SWIFT: RZBAATWW


Project Manager Mykola Stepenko
Director of the Foundation Alexander Nikiforov

Contact Us

Phone: +380960177075
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Kyiv, 45 Peremohy Avenue Postal address: 03142, Kyiv-142, PO Box 28
Postal address: 03142, Kyiv-142, PO Box 28
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